This post is dedicated to Nadia and all the staff at Window to the Womb-Bexleyheath

On Wednesday, November 15th, November 2017, I was blessed with the opportunity to have a complimentary 4D scan courtesy of Window to the Womb Bexleyheath. I previously used their service last year when I was pregnant with my child #5. The staff were amazing then and were even better this time around.

I contacted Window to the Womb via email explaining the circumstances of my pregnancy and boldly asked if they would offer me a complimentary scan. I was absolutely overjoyed when Nadia contacted me in agreement. What made me feel even more blessed was her keen interest in Trisomy 13, Patau syndrome and her desire to show support and become better informed.

My sister-in-law, nephew, and mum accompanied me. To be honest, I was very nervous because it would be the first time actually seeing Jermiah up close and personal. It was Jermiah’s facial profile that initially alerted us to the fact that something wasn’t quite right with his development. He had a very strange looking mouth at his 16-week scan with the top lip far behind the bottom lip which was protruded. I actually said to the sonographer “why does my baby look like an orangutan?”

It was at that point that he printed an image, disappeared and returned explaining that 3 other consultants were concerned about the image and he wanted to discuss some options with us.

Naturally, having this 3D/4D scan would mean coming to terms with whatever structural abnormalities it revealed. Usually, these scans are very exciting for me, previously it was an experience that hubby and I had shared together but on this occasion, he was unable to make it.

I was very anxious walking through the glass doors to Window to the Womb but also excited to be afforded the privilege of seeing my son in such a unique and special way before birth. We were greeted by Nadia who immediately knew who I was. I was offered a drink of water and shown to a seat in the waiting room. The room was just as I had remembered it, very bright, welcoming and filled with amazing images of beautiful babies in the womb. Nadia came and sat with me and we had a chat about my son’s diagnosis as well as some of the issues I was facing regarding my most recent hospital visit.  I was very emotional and during our talk, I became overwhelmed with emotion and felt the tears slowly running down my cheeks. I asked Nadia for a hug, shed a few more tears and before I knew it, we had been called into the room as the sonographer was ready to start.

I was really happy to have my mum and sister in law with me, two people very special to me to share such an intimate and heartwarming experience with. The sonographer and her assistant were both beautiful and warm individuals, they made us feel very welcome and both knew what Trisomy 13 was. The assistant shared that she had personal experience with someone also affected by a chromosomal disorder.

The warm gel covered my bump and my mind raced with a thousand thoughts regarding what we were about to see. I calmed myself down by simply taking deep breaths and reminding myself that it was a fabulous opportunity and a great experience. As the first image filled the screen I became very relaxed, just waiting for the black and white images I ‘m so accustomed to seeing change into the 4D real-time images of my precious baby boy Jermiah Moses. The moment I saw his face I feel completely in love with him. For the first time ever he was actually up close and so real. Those images transported me from Jermiah being the baby I could feel moving daily to Jermiah my son with a real face, moving in real time and very much alive and kicking. I was astounded by the fct that he looked so normal. Apart from having a typically larger nose (most T13 babies have this feature) he just appeared perfect, without blemish and deformity. In that moment he was just Jermiah, my son, my precious baby boy who I grow to love more and more with each passing day.

The entire experience was just amazing. I didn’t express or communicate any of my thoughts, they were mine for that time and I just wanted to capture in my memory bank every moment of the experience.

Once the scan was over we were taken to a computer to view our images and select which ones we wanted to be printed. I also bought a bear with the sound of Jermiah’s heartbeat, a sound that I will treasure forever.

The entire experience was so meaningful, enlightening and beautiful. I cannot express how thankful I am to all the staff. The fact that they’d taken the time out to research Trisomy 13 was amazing, especially as some of the midwives ion my hospital are completely oblivious to the condition and have no idea what it is.

Nadia, in particular, has been amazing and remained in contact with me even after my appointment. The genuine compassion and warmth from those beautiful women was incredible. I don’t think any other place would have offered me the over and beyond service, I received from Window to the Womb. I am so thankful for the outstanding customer service and care that I received, my mother and sister in law are equally thankful and I can honestly say that my experience last year was equally amazing but what gives this time around the edge, is the fact that the staff were genuinely interested in my babies condition and of course, on this occasion, the service was complimentary.

If you are pregnant or become pregnant in the future, I strongly recommend a 4D scan with Window to the Womb, their service is impeccable and they evidently only employ really nice people!

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