My heart starts racing because it’s child #2’s school calling on my mobile phone. If you’re anything like me a thousand things raced through my mind. Has she had an accident? No, wait… she couldn’t have, its 17.01 in the evening and she’s already home. Is she in trouble? Did she do something to bring shame upon our family name? Oh, my goodness wait until I get off the phone, that girl is in more trouble than she can ever imagine. 

Or did I forget to do something?

“Good evening am I speaking to Mrs Pascall? This is Mr Holland…” Great, it’s her form tutor and yes, once again it’s me, I’m the one that’s failed to get something right. She was organised and gave me the forms to fill in weeks ago, It just wasn’t the right time to go through them all, I mean she always gives me letters at the wrong time; when I’m in the midst of preparing dinner, child #5 is screaming his head off waiting for me to give him my undivided attention or I’m in the middle of sorting piles of washing in between listening to child #3 telling me about his basketball match or  how he intellectually challenged the opposition in debate mate. It’s just never ever the right moment.

 I had every intention of reading through the stack of information she’d given me two weeks ago. But, when I saw how many pages it was I knew I’d actually need a moment to sit and go through it all, but one thing led to another and before I knew it, I’d just simply forgotten. So in the words of Brittany Spears; ‘Oops!… I did it again’.

 I feel so awful, I’ve just had to apologise yet again for my inability to get her letters signed and in on time. You know what it’s like when the teacher sounds very empathetic and understanding but deep down you know that in the back of his or her mind they’re raging that they’ve had to take the time out on a Thursday evening to chase me up and make the phone call in the first place. It really wouldn’t surprise me if I’d been the staff room topic of discussion prior to that call.

 “Once again having to chase up Mrs Pascall for something or the other.”

In all honesty, I was rather relieved that the school wasn’t calling about the dinner money I owe because right now I just don’t even have it. I mean with x3 children in education all having school dinners is just very expensive. But it certainly beats the morning madness of having to prepare three different packed lunches for three children with very different likes and dislikes as well as varying dietary needs.

 So, I now need to make it a priority to get the forms signed tonight otherwise child #2  won’t be able to do work experience and what kind of mother would that make me, ruining my daughter’s opportunity to experience what could possibly be a future career. She’d have to sit in class with Year 10 students for the whole week and I would be solely responsible for the ruin of this experience as well as her social reputation.

 I clearly have some serious memory issues going on. I try so hard to be organised and juggle everything they need. The calendars and phone reminders are clearly not enough. Anyway, why can’t her school be like child#3&4’s? They send text message reminders which I find so helpful. Shouldn’t that just be a standard?

I’m sure one day I’ll get it together, maybe there is an app out there that can help me to organise my life and help me to be a much better-organised mum of 5 who actually remembers to sign and return letters.

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