The quote above is a reminder to you that perfection in parenting just isn’t a reality and we are bound to make mistakes. There is no such thing as a perfect mum. 



My definitive answer is YES, of course, they should! What do you think?

In my opinion, children should always contribute to household chores. It teaches them responsibility, discipline, cooperation and practical life skills. When children have chores assigned to them; washing the dishes, ironing, cleaning the bathroom and even cooking, it really not only gets them actively involved in family life but it is essential training for the future. It is so important that this is incorporated into daily life from a young age.

  • If you have children of a similar age they can work together to complete tasks and that extends to cooking.  (Children as young as 7 enter Junior Masterchef with extensive knowledge about food!)
  • You can support your children with cooking by helping them to plan their meal ideas from the day before.
  • Use Pinterest and YouTube for inspiration and guidance.Give them a budget to work with or alternatively, encourage them to be resourceful and use food items already in the home. Type the ingredients into Google followed by the sentence ‘what can I make?’  (Google is very reliable at showing a vast number of results with excellent recipe ideas).

Having a chore chart in the home means that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and each member of the household is accountable to one another. You can have copies of your chart in individual bedrooms as well as in the kitchen. Each person can have their own chores highlighted so that it is clearly visible and this means NO EXCUSES!!

Contributing to the household really does offer children a sense of pride, it also gives them insight into the demands on parents and promotes mutual respect.

A great app to use if you prefer to attach monetary rewards or any other type of reward to chores is OurHome – chores, rewards, groceries and calendar by Cape Horizon Pty. Ltd.

This App is great and an incentive to children to get involved with chores. However, it does take consistency for it to work successfully.

I personally believe that children do NOT need to be paid for completing chores. However, if they go over and beyond what is expected of them, as parents its always vital acknowledge their efforts and reward our children.

Take 5 With Your Child

Parenting Tip

Take 5 with your child. Being a busy mum often leaves us feeling guilty for not spending quality time with our children. Take 5 minutes exclusive time with your child periodically throughout the day.

  • No phone
  • No television
  • No radio
  • Read a book
  • Sing a song
  • Play a game
  • Look out of the window together
  • Have some cuddle time
  • Make silly sounds
  • Make silly faces
  • Exercise together
  • Have tickle time.

There are so many things you do with your little one in 5 minutes. It reminds them that they’re loved, reinforces positive attachment, promotes a healthy relationship and stops you feeling guilty!

Product Review: Osper Card

If you have a child aged between eight and eighteen years, I highly recommend getting them an Osper card. It teaches children to value money, it’s easy to set up, the account is managed by parents, you can control and see all spending, you block card spending (great for punishment!), it’s contactless, easy to load money in emergencies, birthdays and rewards. Altogether a very efficient card that I highly recommend.

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