I've been pregnant for 4.5 years!

  • I have 5 children and one on the way.
  • 9 months x6 pregnancies=54 months.
  • 54/12=4.5 years of pregnancy.
That’s more than 1 third of child #3’s life who is now twelve-years-old. More than half of child #4’s life and triple child #5’s life.
I’ve been a mother for longer than I haven’t been a mother.I had child #1 when I was 18 years young. I am now 42 years old.
That’s 24 years of being a mummy! Verses 18 years of not being one.

School Run surprising Statistics

  • Child #1 was born in 1994 and started school in 1998 age 4 years old.
  • Child #2 was born 6 years later in 2000 and started school in 2004 age 4 years old.
  • Child #3 was born 5 years later in 2005 and started school in 2009 age 4 years old.
  • Child #4 was born 3 years later in 2008 and started school in 2012 age 4 years old.
  • Child #5 was born 8 years later in 2016 and will start school in 2020
  • Child #6 is due to be born 1 year later in 2017 and will start school in 2021.
All children attended nursery school from age 1 due to work commitments.
I have been doing the nursery/school run since 1995-present without a break. That is a total of 22 years.
By the time child#5 is independent to travel to school alone at age 11 years (2027), I’d have been doing the school run continuously for a grand total of 31 YEARS!!!!! If child #6 survives, he will be dependent and in education for up to 18 years. With that added we get the grand total of 38 YEARS continuously doing the school run.
I've certainly learned a thing or two about parenting in my time.

I’ve been a single mum, cohabiting mum an abused mum.
Now I am a married mum and a step-mum.

I really do thank the Lord above for being so gracious and merciful towards me. Pregnancy and motherhood isn’t an easy task. It comes with its many complications that can alter and change your life in a moment. I experienced coming very close to death in childbirth and lost almost 5-litres of blood, had 5 blood transfusions, spend 9 hours in theatre and suffered heart failure.
All in the name of being a mum.

Well done to you

I know many women who have miraculous stories to share about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Look out for these stories as I’ll be documenting them soon.
I salute all mothers, YOU are AMAZING, we are amazing. We give so much of ourselves and go through a lot physically, mentally and emotionally to bring our children into this world. Sometimes, the struggle goes unnoticed, undervalued or misunderstood.
Thank you to all of you amazing ‘bad-mums’ out there, you’re doing a great job, give yourself a pat on the back right now and be proud of your accomplishments. 😉

If you have an interesting or surprising history,
PLEASE, PLEASE SHARE in the comments section below.
Awe us with your amazing stories and stats.

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  • Darren says:

    Glad I’ll be sharing the last runs with you. Probably more in spirit. But you’ve done really well and the children are blessed. I’m blessed.

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