The taps were running, there was food in the oven and on the stove, my thirteen-year-old in one ear, two-year-old son hanging onto my legs and commanding my attention and the ten-year-old was shoving bits of her beautifully decorated paper at me. I could hear hubby in the living room interacting with the Google Home Hub as he held Jermiah-Lee in his arms. This was a typical evening scene in our household.

As always I was busy multitasking going from one room to the next cleaning up, cooking, washing up, hanging out nappies and listening to each child as they entered in and out of the room I was in or followed behind me like lost puppies.

I heard the song Computer Love Zapp and Roger 1985 being played over the speakers; Shooby doo bop shoo doo bop I want to love you 
Shooby doo bop (I want to love you) computer love 
Shooby doo bop shoo doo bop I want to love you 
Shooby doo bop my computer loveI hadn’t heard that song in ages, I told the children that the song playing was what I had my very first dance to. They didn’t seem too interested at all and certainly didn’t find the song anything special.

In that moment, with everything else going on, I put down the plate I’d been washing, turned the tap off and went into the living room. I told hubby to put Jermiah-Lee in his chair and dance with me.

We stole the moment and disappeared from a house filled with children and chores to a moment of solitude, rhythm, music and melody. It was a beautiful moment, just the two of us, (okay well the two younger children were in the room too) but it felt as though it was just us. For as long as the remainder of the song lasted; which was probably another minute and a half; and it felt magical.

Once the music had stopped, I returned to my duties and continued to wash the dishes, prepare the evening meal and listen to the children. But that moment made me reflect. Sometimes we just need to seize the moment, seize the day, carpe diem. How will you seize the day?

In my busy and chaotic lifestyle it’s having small moments like that, pockets of time that keep me positive and keep me sane. You know, like deluxe homemade hot chocolate with vegan cream and gelatine free marshmallows that I enjoy from time-to-time. The ’Lush’ bath bombs that release a creamy lather and invigorating scent that fills my bathroom whenever I’m afforded the luxury of a prolonged bath time.

Small but important moments amidst the trials and business of life.

This morning Jermiah-Lee’s nurse said to me, ”I don’t know how you do it, I’m always talking about you at home. You work so hard with your home and children, Jermiah-Lee is always clean and smells gorgeous and yet you’re always smiling”.

The truth is, I’m not always smiling and I’m not always happy and positive. However, whenever I recognise that I’m having a down moment, I do a lot of positive self-talk, I pray and reach out to God, I play music and dance and sing away.

Seizing moments in the day to smile and be joyful makes the difference for me. Even as I was writing this I heard my nineteen-year-old child #2 burst out into laughter which made me pause, and then, smile.

Of course it isn’t easy having a severely disabled child and a nineteen-year-old with mild autism and moderate learning difficulties, of course having a two-year-old demanding son and a total of 5 children living at home presents its challenges. Multiple hospital visits and appointments each week as well emergency services call outs can all take its toll. Even having a child actress as much as it’s amazing and wonderful also presents its own demands.

But, trust me, there’s always a reason to smile and that’s what keeps me going from day-to-day.

So how do you seize the day? What have you ever done in a moment that has transformed you or given you that much deserved moment of tranquility?

Please share your moments in the comment box below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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