Whether you are a new or experienced mother, we all have our good and bad days. There are days when I just can’t be bothered to be a mum and I want to curl up with a blanket and watch back-to-back episodes of The Good Wife. Other days I’m fuelled with energy and drive and just want to be the best mother possible.

We as mothers are all in this together and sharing stories, experiences, knowledge, and encouragement is what I’m all about.

More About Me

Firstly, let me address the question I'm often asked, Why the title 'Bad-Mum?' The thinking behind it is that it's a 'double entendre'. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is a word open to two or more interpretations, a word with an ambiguous double meaning.

So I see myself as a 'bad mum" in the sense of 'bad ass mum' and at times a 'bad mum' as in a terrible mum. I'm certain that many mothers can relate to my description because there are days when I can lay down in bed at the end of an evening, pat myself on the back and feel pretty chuffed about my parenting experience for the day. On the contrary, I have days when I am so frustrated at myself for the way I handled a particular situation and wish I could turn back the hands of time to re-live the moment in a very different way. So, there you have it, my rationale behind the title.

I don't have any credentials that qualify me as an expert parent. I am a mother 5 times over with 23 years experience and still learning on the job. I'm always seeking tips and advice on how to become better; I don't always get it right and I make many mistakes.

The best thing about having a 23-year-old is that she makes me look good! Whenever child #1 and I are out together and someone hears her call me 'mum', I receive a number of compliments, 'no way is that your daughter' 'my goodness, I thought you were sisters'. Even in her absence, when people are cooing over child #5 and ask if he is my first, I drop the BOMBSHELL, "no he is my fifth, my eldest is 23"...Oh, how I love it. The shock on their faces is a dream and always serves to boost my inner ego.

Sometimes, my children drive me crazy and I just want to run away to Gatwick airport and board the first available flight to absolutely anywhere. Other times they fill my heart with great joy, pride, and happiness beyond measure.

I am currently on maternity leave, the days are short and the nights are long, so my emotions are temperamental and my patience is often being stretched towards breaking point. I also have a serious health condition that affects my day to day life.

There are times when I'm in tears and just cannot cope and feel that I'm a really bad mum. Then there are those little moments like the school Christmas production when I'm filled with elation as I watch child #4 in a leading position. Parents and teachers compliment her outstanding acting abilities and it makes it all worth while.



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